Mental Wellness Resources

Fostering School Connectedness
Improving Student Health and Academic Achievement
Students feel more connected to their school when they believe that the adults and other students at school not only care about how well they are learning, but also care about them as individuals. Young people who feel connected to school are more likely to succeed academically and make healthy choices. This fact sheet provides guidance for fostering school connectedness and creating a more welcoming and supportive school environment for all students.

What Educators Should Know
What educators should look for in student behavior, what educators can do in classrooms and understanding what contributes to mental wellness.

Caring For Every Child’s Mental Health

Public Service Announcements

These videos are about how positive mental health is essential to a child’s healthy development from birth. They illustrate how mental health initiatives promote positive child, youth, and young adult development, recovery, and resilience.

Help a Young Adult Soar

Watch PSA: Help a Young Adult Soar (00:31) (link is external). This video highlights how involved allies can provide essential support to young adults with mental health challenges.

Community Connections Work for Young Adults

Watch PSA: Community Connections Work for Young Adults (1:01) (link is external). This video is about how young adults with mental health challenges can prosper when they have involved allies.

Brain Flight

Watch PSA: Brain Flight (00:31) (link is external). This video informs parents and other adults about children’s mental health by illustrating how brain activity may be linked to the way a child thinks, feels or behaves.




"I am not afraid of storms,  for I am learning how to sail my ship."

— Little Women,
Louisa May Alcott