Summer Family Mental Health and Wellness

Let’s Talk Summer Wellness, a mental health and wellness toolkit for families and youth.

The Mental Health Association in New York State, Inc. (MHANYS) created Let’s Talk Summer Wellness to help families and youth connect to wellness during the summer months. Inside you will find fun activities to stimulate conversations about mental health and develop healthy habits to promote wellness. In addition, the practical strategies below will help guide your family through this toolkit as you learn and grow together with a focus on mental health.

For additional tools and activities, attach the following handouts to your summer toolkit:

Stress Less Poster
Print this visual guide as a quick and easy way to promote healthy coping strategies. Hang it up in the classroom, bedroom or common places around the home or school to provide visual reminders of stress reduction techniques.
Gratitude Calendar
Express gratitude by using this calendar to spark ideas on how to connect and show appreciation towards friends, family and the community. Go in order or jump around, it’s up to you! 
Mindful Nature Hunt
Explore your local area and use this mindful nature hunt as a way to connect with the 5 senses and the world around you. Pair with deep breathing for added relaxation. 
Mood Tracker
Track your mood this summer with this printable mood tracker. Jotting down moments of high emotion can be helpful when trying to determine trends, identify warning signs and monitor overall health and wellness. 
Kindness Cards
Spread kindness by sharing these kindness cards with others. Place them around your area as a Random Act of Kindness or give them to those in need. Color or decorate each one for added fun and to boost creativity.
Family Wellness Bingo
Playing together can be a fun and easy way to work on wellness. This Bingo card makes it easy for families to choose different wellness strategies to try out together. Post your completed card and tag @MHANYSinc on Facebook!
Soothing Bracelet for Busy Hands or Worried Minds
Use a soothing bracelet to help manage intrusive thoughts or negative ideas or as a way to help manage uncomfortable emotions and limit the control stress has over us.
Wellness Board
Create a wellness board to help promote resilience, hope and positive thinking. Showcase self care tools or empowering images and quotes to increase inspiration and motivation to reach your goals.
Calming Space
Organize and decorate your space to promote a sense of calm and wellbeing in your home or classroom.