ADAPP’s Professional Team

ADAPP’s Professional Team

ADAPP's Professional Staff

ADAPP employs qualified staff for our professional positions. Our masters level social workers and counselors and our health educators receive ongoing weekly supervision and continued education in the areas of school mental health, substance abuse and violence prevention and intervention.

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Executive Staff
  • Christine Cavallucci, LCSW, CPP, Executive Director
  • Anna Barone-Fatigate, MSW, CASAC Assistant Clinical Director
  • BriAna M. Pechin, M.Ed., M.Adm., Chief Operating Officer
Clinical Supervisors
  • Ed Ballen, LCSW, CASAC, CPP, Senior Clinical Supervisor
  • Sharon Flores, LMSW
  • Suzanne LiVolsi, LCSW
  • Jessica Pforte, LMHC
Support Staff
  • MaryBeth Belles, Secretary, Upstate Regional Office
  • Michele Cali, Office Coordinator
  • Rosanne Ciociola, Assistant to the Executive Director
  • Pamela Horvath, Secretary, Staten Island Regional Office
  • Lillian Piro-Romano, ABA, Accountant
  • Linda Toscano, Technology Manager


  • Alexa Accardi, LMHC
  • Melissa Capozzi, LCSW
  • Lindsey Cappelli, LMSW
  • James Ciampa, LMSW
  • Howard Ciarcia, MPS
  • Michael Dacunto, MHC
  • Maria Doroni, MS Ed
  • Caroline Flynn, MSW
  • Chola Minion Garner, LMSW
  • Sara Garnot, LMSW
  • Marjorie Gulenyan, LCSW
  • Kaye Henry, LMHC
  • Jacqueline Imbemba, LMHC
  • Elizabeth Kearney, LMSW
  • Diana Kiernan, LMHC
  • Candida Lopez, MSW, SCF
  • Jennifer Martin Bogart, CSW
  • Jeanette Mazzarella, MS, CPP
  • Theo McCourtney, LMSW
  • Michele Morris, MSW
  • Catherine Mulvaney, LCSW
  • Rosemarie Oginsky, LMSW
  • Paulette Pezzella, LCSW
  • Lizette Piedra, LMSW
  • Laura Rico, LMHC
  • Tiffany Young, MA, MS


  • Katherine Magee, LMSW


  • Janit Bliss, LCSWR, Project Coordinator
  • Kenny Escobar, MPH, Project Coordinator
  • Dawn Insanalli, MS, Special Projects Manager