Family Support Services

Family Support Services

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Family Support and Youth Counseling (FSYC)

Family Support and Youth Counseling (FSYC) of ADAPP is a service designed to supplement our school-based prevention counseling when family involvement is deemed a critical determinant in lessening risk factors and strengthening protective factors. Students who are assessed to be exhibiting current suicidal behavior or mental health disorders are referred to other outside agencies.

Family Support and Youth Counseling is located in the Bronx ADAPP Office. It is staffed by master’s level social workers and counselors. Services include youth counseling and family support as well as family education programs. Per session cost: $35.00. This service is open to any youth/family who attend a Catholic school in the Archdiocese of New York. Counseling services are currently being held via zoom.


Family Support

For information regarding benefit programs, ACCESS NYC is an online public screening tool that you can use to determine the City, State, and Federal health and human service benefit programs for which you are potentially eligible to enroll.

For families that live outside of NYC, you may use the similar screening tool myBenefits.


Helpful Resources

About Our Kids - NYU Child Study Center which provides information  about childhood and adolescent mental health issues.

The AACAP developed Facts for Families to provide information on issues that affect children, teenagers, and their families.

Parent Tool Kit will help you navigate your child’s journey from pre-k through high school. It is designed to help you track and support progress at each stage.