Crisis & Trauma Response

According to SAMHSA, more than two thirds of children reported at least 1 traumatic event by age 16. Traumatic events can include psychological, physical, or sexual abuse, community or school violence, witnessing or experiencing domestic violence, N\national disasters or terrorism, sudden or violent loss of a loved one, neglect or serious accidents.

  • At least 1 in 7 children have experienced child abuse and/or neglect in the past year, and this is likely an underestimate. In 2019, 1,840 children died of abuse and neglect in the United States.
  • Each day, more than 1,000 youth are treated in emergency departments for physical assault-related injuries.
  • In 2019, about 1 in 5 high school students reported being bullied on school property in the last year.
  • 8% of high school students had been in a physical fight on school property one or more times during the 12 months before the survey.
  • Each day, about 14 youth die from homicide, and more than 1,300 are treated in emergency departments for violence-related injuries.

Trauma is a risk factor for nearly all behavioral health and substance use disorders.

Trauma can impact any one at any time, adults and children alike.

However, there is hope. Having a knowledgeable support system that is trauma informed is key.

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