According to the 2012 National Prevention Council Action Plan, “preventing drug abuse and excessive alcohol use increases people’s chances of living long, healthy, and productive lives and improves quality of life, academic performance, workplace productivity... reduces crime and criminal justice expenses; and reduces motor vehicle crashes and fatalities.” Effective, evidence-based interventions can be employed before young people become involved with substances. Parents, schools and communities can take an active role in preventing substance abuse.

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"Develop A Plan" Help teens get out of sticky situations - NYS OASAS

The New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS) is pleased to share a new public awareness campaign "Develop A Plan".

The “Develop a Plan" campaign, encourages adults to develop a plan with teens and young adults to get out of dangerous situations involving drugs or alcohol.


Make a Plan to Help Teens & Young Adults Escape Peer Pressure

Young people need a way out when peer pressure sets in. Make a Plan to help teens and young adults get out of a sticky situation. For example, they can text you a code, such as an “X” that will prompt you to call them with a pretend ‘emergency’ – requiring they come home immediately. This will be their excuse to swiftly leave the situation. No questions asked.

Click on the links below for the "Make A Plan" poster in English and Spanish.

"Make A Plan" poster in English.

"Make A Plan" poster in Spanish.

Develop a plan to help teens get out of sticky situations audio message click here.



Smart Moves Smart Choices is a national awareness program that informs parents, teens, and educators about teen prescription drug abuse and its serious risks.
According to the CDC, binge drinking is a dangerous and costly public health problem. Find out how you can prevent it. Click Here for the Binge Drinking Fact Sheet.
Positive Parenting Prevents Drug Abuse: Family Checkup, an online resource that equips parents with research-based skills to help keep their children drug-free.

COMBAT HEROIN is targeted to parents, adults and young people who are seeking help and information concerning heroin and opioid abuse and misuse. This website also contains information about the warning signs of heroin and opioid abuse and misuse, access to OASAS treatment providers, guidance to help parents talk to their children and for health care professionals to talk to their patients.

Marijuana Talk Kit – What parents need to know to talk with your teen about marijuana. This talk kit is created to help families navigate through a changing marijuana landscape; one that includes new policies like legalization.

Preventing Marijuana Use Among Youth & Young Adults publication is provided by The Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA). It provides an overview of the prevalence of marijuana use among this population; the physical, academic, and social consequences; tips for how to get involved to prevent marijuana use among youth and young adults; and federal resources to assist in your efforts.

The New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS) launches "You Can Be The Difference" public awareness campaign to combat addiction amongst teen or young adults. Campaign offers resources for educators, coaches, families and features public service announcement by former professional football player Erik Coleman.

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