NEW! Classroom Wise

Classroom WISE A mental health training resource for Educators.

Classroom WISE is a 3-part training package that includes a FREE self-paced online course, video library featuring practicing teachers and students, comprehensive resource collection and website for K-12 educators on mental health literacy.

The Classroom WISE online course begins with a brief introduction video on why this work is important and why teachers matter in supporting the well-being of students. The course then proceeds with six modules covering the following:

  • Promoting the Mental Health and Well-Being of Students
  • Creating safe and supportive classrooms
  • Teaching mental health literacy and reducing stigma
  • Fostering social emotional competencies and well-being
  • Understanding and Supporting Students Experiencing Adversity and Distress
  • Understanding and supporting students experiencing adversity
  • The impact of trauma and adversity on learning behavior
  • Classroom strategies to support students

Classroom WISE was developed by the MHTTC Network (Mental Health Technology Transfer Center, SAMHSA) and the National Center for School Mental Health.