School-wide Crisis Intervention

Incident Assessment

ADAPP's staff will provide an initial consultation to gather important data about the event, to identify at-risk populations and to develop a plan tailored to meet the needs of the site. The plan may include individual sessions, small or large group meetings or follow-up services.

Information/Education Session

This is a brief session for school staff, parents or students to provide information about the crisis event, to familiarize participants with the crisis intervention plan and to address their reactions to the incident.

Stabilization Groups for Adults/Children

This service is a crisis intervention session offered immediately after the event and is designed for the general population. Led by a professional social worker or mental health counselor, the session provides information about the incident, helps to normalize reactions and assists participants in developing new strengths, coping skills and resources to manage the initial days after the event.

Coping Group for Adults/Children

This small group service is for those most affected by the crisis event and can be conducted 72 hours to 6 months after a crisis. It is a professionally led, confidential, psycho-educational session similar to the Stabilization Group. It provides information about the incident, helps to normalize reactions and encourages and allows participants to express personal reactions, and assists with identifying coping strategies and a self care plan.

Classroom Based Intervention (ages 5-11)

This three session small group model is offered to young children who have been exposed to trauma and uses story telling and therapeutic art, play, music and movement therapy. The process helps to facilitate resiliency, a return to normalcy, empowerment and mastery after the event.

Follow-up and Recovery Support

At the request of the site administrator, an ADAPP staff member will provide follow-up, consultation and ongoing support.

ADAPP's staff has extensive experience with school-wide crisis intervention. We have encountered and assisted with a wide range of traumatic events that include suicide, homicide, sudden accidental death, fires, natural disasters and other violent incidents.