Kid’s Resource Center

Kid’s Resource Center

The following websites are designed for children and are aimed at increasing awareness about the many issues that youth face today.

Below are CDC and other federal government health websites especially for kids and teens.

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CDC Websites

Environmental Health for Kids

Environmental Health for Kids

Learn how CDC works to help you stay healthy wherever you live, work, and play.

Express Your Health: Activity Book for Kids Learn safe and healthy habits with this activity book.  
Kids’ Quest on Disability and Health Learn the answers to some of your questions about kids with disabilities.  


Learn how to protect yourself and your pets from a serious disease called rabies.

Other Federal Government Websites

FDA Kids’ Page

FDA Kids’ Page

Learn about food safety, medicines, and other health issues.

Girls’ Health

Choose a topic and learn how girls can stay safe and healthy.

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Kids’ Page

Learn more about health problems caused by the environment.